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World TV 85E Ku Band Receive Only




90 x 75 cm (35.5 x 30")

Midband Gain

38.7 dBi

Aperture Efficiency

70% min.

Noise Temperature

52K typical at 30 deg elev

Offset Angle

17.5 Deg



Focus Length

22.3 in

Elevation Adjustment

8 to 90 degrees


Polyester Powder Coating




Operational Winds

50 mph

Survival Winds

125 mph

Ambient Temperature

-40C ~ +60C

Relative Humidity

0 ~ 100 %


This is the World TV (Globecast) 35.5 x 30" (90x75cm) Skewable Elliptical Offset Dish w/Single Bracket!


This is the dish you want for Globecast (World TV)  or for Glorystar at Galaxy 19 97.0W Ku Band, or any other Ku Band  Satellite! AMC9, SES1, AMC21, etc.......  This is PERFECT for any Fixed Dish install on a Ku satellite.

The World TV Dish has Dish Skew Adjustment with a skew scale on the back of the dish! Many of the Ku dish's on the market don't have skew for the dish, only the LNB, so being able to SKEW THE DISH is a BIG PLUS for MAX SIGNAL. Plus this dish is HEAVY DUTY with quality hardware!

Comes complete with a single LNBF Bracket and a J pole (55.1mm dia) and foot bracket as pictured above, LNB bracket fits standard 40 mm throat diameter.

The reflector measures 90 x 75 cm (my actual measurement 35.5 x 30").

This dish is NOT designed to be used with a Dish Motor.

See below for full specifications and more detailed pictures.

*LNBF sells separately.

Sorry - Out of Stock!

See Below for more pics!!  

World TV (Globecast) 35.5x30" Elliptical Offset Ku Dish!