The SATHERO SH-200HD works anywhere in the world and is the lightest and most practical Digital Satellite TV Signal Meter in the world. It is a professional satellite finder tool of cost effective design for the satellite TV installer or end user. Easily and quickly search DVB-S2, DVB-S, MPEG-4, ABS-S, MPEG-4, CBS2/MPEG4, ISDB. Simplified design, simplified menus, easy operations. The whole meter has only seven shortcut buttons, easy for new users to learn. Works for all FTA and DSS satellites. 1 Year manufacturers warranty.

*Smallest and fastest digital signal meter
*Support DVB-S, DVB-S2, MPEG-4, ABS-S, CBS MPEG-4, ISDB protocol
*Tests the cable
*Input Frequency 950-2150MHz
*Input Level -65 -25dBm
*Input Impedance 75Ω
*Shows quality readings by LED
*Shows power and NIT value
*Preset global satellite data
*Programmable parameter
*Signal Lock audio tone
*Scan and show the channel numbers
*Clear and easy to read LCD
*All operations are on one screen
*LCD automatic turn off
*22KHz switchs automatically
*Function operation and Signal Lock Light
*Indicator Lights for 13/18 volts
*Indicator lights for 22 KHz
*LNB short-circuit protection
*USB port for software upgrades
*AC power charger included
*Carrying case included
*Hand strap included
*USB software upgrade cable included
*Removable battery design

*F-type connector IEC 169-24
*Frequency Range 950 MHz ~ 2150 MHz
*Input Level -65 dBm -25 dBm
*Input Impedance 75Ω
*LNB Power Supply 14/18 V, max. 650 mA
*LNB Switch Control 22 KHz
*Demodulator Front End QPSK
*Symbol Rate 2 Mbps ~ 45 Mbps
*SCPC and MCPC Capable
*Spectral Inversion Auto Conversion
*Serial Data Interface Mini USB
*Supply Voltage DC 10.0 V 1A
*Li-on Battery 1850 mA
*Battery Working Time approx. 3.5 hours
*Supply Voltage (Charger) AC 110~250V, 50/60 Hz
*Length x Width x Height 12.7 x 8 x 3.2 cm*
*Weight 0.28 Kg
*Gross Weight 0.65 Kg
*Operating Temperature 0C to +40C
*Storage Temperature -10C to +50C
*High-capacity lithium battery

*User Manual:


SATHERO SH-200HD Digital Satellite Signal Meter DVB-S/S2, MPEG-4

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