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Signal Meter
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The SF-95DR is the industry's best low cost Digital Satellite Signal Meter. Much more accurate than any other meter in its class, the SF-95DR is a professional instrument with a consumer price tag. Now, customers can have a professional digital satellite finder with professional performance & results, without spending an arm and a leg to purchase a bulky and expensive meter. A must have tool for setting up your dish!
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SF-95DR Digital Satellite Signal Meter 

  • In-Line IF signal strength meter
  • 75Ω connector
  • Built-In light & electric buzzer
  • Uses power from receiver to power up, no need for batteries
  • Ideal for satellite installations or to re-point your satellite dish
  • Pocket-size
  • User-friendly
  • Blue backlight for better visibility at night, on/off audio tone control, and Attenuation adjustment
  • Works with all C Band, Ku band and Ka band satellites
  • Never needs to be recalibrated, nor does it need complicated programming
  • Automatically recognizes the LNBF frequency
  • Truly plug and play, no need to input transponder frequency, symbol rate or polarity

     Input Frequency Range: 950~2150MHz
     Input Level Min: -40dBm
     Input Level Max: -10dBm
     Input Impendance: 75ohm, F-connector
     Output Impendance: 75ohm, F-connector
     Power Supply: DC 13-18Vs  
     Operating Range (LNB gain): 52-60dB